Discounts and Policies


Proper Attire

Girls - One piece leotard; No loose clothing or jewelry. Hair tied back                

Boys - T-shirt and shorts

Shoes or socks are NOT allowed inside the gym

Registration and Discounts

 Annual Registration Fee $60  

1st sibling  10% off
2nd siblings  15% off

3rd or more siblings 20% off

Additional classes $10 OFF

Military, Police, Firefighters 10% off

Arriving for and Departing from class

 Students should remove any extra clothing, socks and shoes and leave them in the cubbies in the lobby; sit and wait inside the lobby for the teacher to come

Immediately after class all students must return to the lobby, collect their belongings and wait for their ride inside the building. Please note: STUDENTS are not permitted to walk out of the building unaccompanied by an adult. 


Safety in the gym is enforced by all of our staff members and taught to each child during class
No flash photography allowed in the gym
No food, drinks or gum in the gym
Parents and siblings must remain in the lobby at all times
Please treat our facility as you would your own home and clean up after yourself and your children. 

Make up Policy

 We offer one free make up class per month during the active session. Account balance must be paid. Unlimited make ups are offered during the summer ONLY. We cannot guarantee the exact age and level but will do our best. Make ups must be scheduled in advance through the Parent Portal or the front desk.