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 This is an introduction to the sport of
gymnastics for children ages 3 - 4. Focus is placed on working well with others, following directions and improving fine and gross motor skills while learning the gymnastics basics. 

Must be potty trained


 This is an introductory level for boys and girls ages 5 and up which builds confidence and improves strength, flexibility, agility and coordination. This is an exciting beginning to your child's gymnastics career.  


 This level requires gymnastics experience. Focus is placed on more complex skills, along with the development of adequate strength and flexibility, which ensures the safe execution of such skills.  


 This level is for girls who have completed the Intermediate level. Your child will concentrate on exhilarating lessons with round-offs and series of back handsprings on Floor, back walkovers on Beam and glide kips, front hip circles on Bars.   

Hot Shots

 This pre-competitive program serves as a stepping stone from our recreational program. It is designed for the serious gymnasts, the ones who not only have the talent, but more importantly the desire to be a competitive gymnast some day. This is “by invitation only”  

Lil Champs PreTeam

 This pre-competitive program is by invitation only.
It is specifically designed to provide more intensive flexibility and conditioning training in addition to upgraded skills development in order to earn a position on our competitive team.